3.8 times around the Earth. Van Trials 2023 results

PR Team
8 Jan
In this year's trials, along with accumulating total mileage, we focused on testing Arrival Vans in extreme environments and conditions. Performing perfectly in and around Banbury, our vehicles have also shown exceptional results in Dubai, simulating delivery cycles in sweltering hot weather. Furthermore, our devices have successfully made an international trip from Banbury to Zurich.

Hot environment testing
Dubai, July 2023

  • 120°F (48°C) ambience temperature 
  • 12 hour shifts
  • 1 hour breaks
  • 30 × 2 min stops, simulating delivery cycles
  • 124mi (200 km) daily
  • Urban and suburban environment
  • 4.2T (full payload) — 50% of the time
  • 2.1T (half payload) — 50% of the time
  • Fault free run in all driving conditions. No issues, no warnings
  • Improved interior temperature 81.5°F (27.5°C)
  • DC charging at public stations
  • Positive subjective perception feedback from driver
  • Pull away very well on gradient (12-15%) at different speed and with all payloads conditions (traffic, speed bumps, roundabouts, traffic lights, slip-roads), being able to accelerate from 0 mph
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Fault free international trip
Banbury to Zurich, July 2023

  • Over 700 miles (1130 km)
  • 2.5 days
  • DC charging at public stations
  • No issues, no warnings in all driving conditions
  • Positive subjective perception feedback from driver
 20230712_121734208_iOS.jpeg photo_2023-07-13_12-35-18.jpg photo_2023-07-13_19-55-58.jpg 20230711_050251243_iOS.jpeg photo_2023-07-14_11-49-06 (2).jpg photo_2023-07-13_18-30-49.jpg 20230711_113427151_iOS.jpeg photo_2023-07-17_15-14-06.jpg

Trials summary

  • 26 weeks
  • ~280 shifts out of Banbury
  • Over 93,250 mi (150,070 km) run — UK, Europe, Dubai
  • 180 employees involved driving + Professional drivers
  • 20 development engineers conducting tests
  • 14 Assets including Labvans and running vehicles
  • 54 software features validated
  • 900+ test executions, excellent 96% success rate
We have successfully engaged investors, accelerated development processes, enhanced problem-solving efficiency, set the stage for Arrival Van system development through lessons learnt sharing. Through testing and road driving mileage we have paved the way for future advancements.Investor Relations